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Earn Money By Sharing Photos and Videos -staree

Staree is a new platform which allow users to post photos and videos from their desktop or mobile devices and then share on Facebook and Twitter.
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What is Staree?

Staree is owned by IZEA,who is already running few other platforms to make money onlinelike Sponsored Tweets and Paid Blog Posts.Staree is all about Pictures ,Videos andmaking money out of them through Social Networking Sites.

How Can You Make Money From Staree/How It Works?

Well once you upload your pictures and share them through Facebook and Twitter. Advertisers pay Staree to place their ads with relevant pictures, and every time someone views you picture, you get paid.
I mostly see Google Ads being displayed beside the pictures and videos ,but there may be other advertisers as well who are advertising with Staree so it has a great potential to make money.

How Much Can you Earn?

This is always a big question how much we can earn from it.But its clear that it depends on how much friends and following you have on your social networks.If you have large number of friends and subscribers then the earning potential is very high.
For example yesterday I uploaded a picture on my staree account and shared it on my blogs facebook fanpage which has about 1700+ active followers.Just by sharing a picture my earning reached 0.21$ in one day(Sounds Huge Right?).
If you don't have a Fanpage then you can directly share it on your wall,groups ,pages ,Twitter etc . 

Check out My Earning Screenshot:


How To Signup/Register For Staree?

In the beta phase Staree was open only for celebrities and few people but now its open for all.Everyone can join staree with a simple signup by connecting your account withFacebook or Twitter.
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